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We also offer vehicle recovery to our workshop if they are immobile. Some vehicles are recovered free of charge, however larger vans or 4x4's can only be recovered by a thirda party so would inccur a charge.

12 Month 0% Finance

Eco Torque offers 0% Finance over 12 months through an external provider to help spread the cost .


Extended Warranty

Do you have extended warranty with your vehicle?

We can take care of the claim when repairing your gearbox making the process as easy as possible. We deal with all major providers including the AA, RAC, Autogroup and many more.



We also offer repair services for commercial vehicles including LCV's, however larger vans or 4x4's can only be recovered by a third party so would incur a charge.


Gearbox repair and gearbox replacement is a specialist field not undertaken by the majority of mechanical garages.


This means that finding a solution to your gearbox fault can be difficult if you don't speak to the right people. We try to keep the process as simple as possible and aim to get you back on the road in the most cost-effective way.


We have successfully repaired and reconditioned thousands of gearboxes and it is for this reason, we are the preferred choice for local councils and main dealerships such as Vauxhall, Toyota and Volkswagen.

If you need a gearbox repair, or a reconditioned gearbox, Eco Torque is the gearbox specialist for you. We are proud to offer our services in St Albans and surrounding areas.


Once your gearbox is repaired, our dedicated mechanics will refit the unit back in your vehicle. We will road test the vehicle and make sure everything is OK. If we have just received your gearbox on it's own, we will call you to let you know the unit is ready.


Payment & Collection

Once the work has been paid for we will organise a convenient collection time. If you have opted for the free local pick up and drop off service, we will arrange a suitable delivery time. Please contact us about payment methods as we do not accept certain forms.


Gearbox Repairs & Reconditioning

Once we have your authorisation, we will commence the repair and reconditioning stage. This will include a strip down and chemical clean of the internal components, to ensure there is no contamination. We will also restore the casings to their original state, removing oxidization and corrosion.



Once we have the gearbox stripped apart, we can visually inpsect all components for signs of wear and damage. It is at this stage the we will contact you, relay our findings and discuss the cost of the gearbox repairs. If your gearbox is beyond economical repair we may suggest replacing it with one of our fully reconditioned units.



It is always best to have as much information as possible first before coming to see us. Quoting on gearbox repairs and gearbox replacement is very difficult due to their complexity and the inability to see all the parts without stripping the unit down. This is why we need as much information about your gearbox faults so we can give a rough guidline on price.



Depending on the outcome of our initial conversation, we will book you in for the gearbox repairs or gearbox replacement work to begin. It may be that we could not diagnose or give an accurate quote from our initial contact so we may suggest booking your vehicle in for further investigation at one of our gearbox garage.


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