Haldex repairs and servicing is becoming one of our most requested workshop bookings. We have written an extensive blog on the specifics of issues that can occur with the different Haldex 4WD systems, however as a general rule, lack of servicing results in unit failure.

Most customers do not see any symptoms until the unit is required, in either adverse weather conditions or lack of power distribution.

Failed units can run thousands, if not tens of thousands of miles without being noticed.


Haldex Servicing

from £195 Inc VAT

Filter or gauze flush depending on application with genuine Haldex oil and peace of mind.

Haldex Pump Replacement

from £395 Inc VAT

Genuine Haldex Pump replacements including service with electronic adaption process.

Haldex Replacement Parts

from £45 Inc VAT

Wether you are a DIY mechanic or a specialist in need of parts, Eco Torque cn supply Haldex pumps and service kits. Check out some of our range below or visit our shop.