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Updated: Apr 21, 2020

This short blog discusses the benefits of fitting a limited slip differential to the M32 gearbox found in various Vauxhall's, Fiat's and Alfa Romeo's. As an offcial Quaife distributor we will discuss their ATB models and benefits.

Torque steer is an all to familiar trait to the more powerfull Vauxhall, Alfa and Fiat owners. Highlighted in a Top Gear episode on the VXR range, the power delivered to the front two wheels is simply two much for the car to handle. As most of these cars are then heavily tuned on top, the problem becomes even worse.

We have fitted many Quaife ATB limited slip differentials and the difference in the vehicles handling and power distrubution is instant. The car will still wheelspin if pushed very hard but the way the power is redirected between the two fron wheels is very noticable. Before when the power would exceed the traction the steering wheel would turn off in one direction and loss off forward movement was drastic. Now you are able to feel the power distrubuting between the left and right wheel as the differential feeds the side with the most traction. At first this creates a snaking effect as the driver is used to componsating for the torque steer thus over correcting the issue.

This unit is now fitted as standard on the new Astra J VXR model proving its worth as a reliable component.

However do not think this unit is limited to the petrol VXR range. The 1.9 CDTI models react immensely well to the additional grip, helping the very torquey engine put the power to the road.

This upgrade is a must to any serious drivers that wish to get the most of their vehicles.

More information available from www.quaife.co.uk

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