VAG DSG/S Tronic 7 Speed DQ200 Reverse / 6th Gear Selection Fault & Repair.

Updated: Apr 13

This post relates to the VAG DSG DQ200 7 Speed gearbox that suffers reverse selection issues. This gearbox is found on VW, Audi, Seat and Skoda models. Fault codes with this issue include Fault code 06293 Function Restriction Due To Pressure Drop, Fault code 01851 Stuck In Gear 6.


The 0AM DQ200 7 Speed dry clutch gearbox suffers with various faults which cause the driver to experience symptoms like harsh or incorrect gear changes, or even complete loss of drive.

One particular issue our customers come to us with is that their vehicle doesn't go into reverse or select 6th gear.

Common symptoms of this fault;

  • Grinding/crunching sound when selecting reverse.

  • Complete loss of reverse gear.

  • Flashing engine management light or PRNDS on dashboard.

  • 6th gear does not engage.

  • Fault code 06293 Function Restriction Due To Pressure Drop

  • Fault code 01851 Stuck In Gear 6

Please note you may experience some, but not all of the listed faults depending on the level of damage internally.

Vehicle Diagnostic Eco Torque 0AM DQ200 DSG 7 Speed Auto Gearbox
Diagnostic Fault Report

This gearbox fault is due to the selector fork slider bearing having failed. When this bearing/slider fails, the selector is left unsupported in its guide bush and allows the fork to move in a lateral direction, opposed to its normally guided vertical motion. When the selector is in this state the mechatronic can not operate the selector properly resulting in no or poor gear selection. At this point, the misaligned selector can damage the gear position sensor on the mechatronic unit and will require the removal of the complete mechatronic for external remanufacturing.

DSG 0AM DQ200 7 Speed OE Selector Fork
DSG 0AM DQ200 7 Speed OE Selector Fork

The selector issue can be permanently resolved by installing the modified selector fork released by VAG group. This new OE part modifies the bottom and top slider bearings with solid plastic bushings. This also requires modification to the original casing of the gearbox.

DSG 0AM DQ200 7 Speed OE Uprated Selector Fork Eco Torque Semi Auto
DSG 0AM DQ200 7 Speed OE Uprated Selector Fork

This issue only effects the DSG DQ200 7 Speed dry clutch gearbox systems. For Mechatronic issues on this gearbox please read our 0AM DQ200 Mechatronic blog here.

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If you think your vehicle might be suffering from this fault and as with all gearbox issues, it is best to get it looked at straight away as it could save the customer substantial amounts on their repair bill.

Eco Torque offer an initial electronic diagnostic service with our main dealer equivalent machine. This shows us live data from the gearbox as well as a report for the customer to see the fault codes within the DSG unit. This essential first step is £90 including VAT and takes around 1 hour to complete.

All of our DSG repairs or recons come with a 24 Month 24'000 Mile Warranty.

Eco Torque can also provide courtesy cars* as well as recovery* of your vehicle .

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