Cloning service for customers who already have a working second hand or new TCU and require vehicle data moving to new unit.

*For programming without old TCU communication we require your vehicle's VIN plus the hardware and software numbers. 
*For 0CW models, we require the customers mechtronic TCU to be sent to us first for cloning to new unit.

Customers can send old and new units to us, or visit us in person for a while you wait service. (Timeslot required please call for booking).

Please note, it is the customers responsibilty to supply the correct parts, Eco Torque accepts no liability for damage or incorrect vehicle operation due incorrectly supplied parts.


  • Hardware number is located on the TCU (only visible once removed) or via diagnostics equipment.
  • Software number is obtained by using relevant diagnostic equipment.
  • Vehicles with component protection will need this activating once installed on the vehicle.

This unit will need basic settings and gearbox adaptations.

This product should only be removed, installed and adapted by an experienced technician.


This service is for all 0AM DQ200 models, Audi, Seat, Skoda, VW.

7 Speed DSG Problems | Mechatronic TCU clone service.


The 0AM DQ200 DCT mechatronic unit suffers from various faults which cause the driver to experience symptoms like harsh or incorrect gear changes, or even complete loss of drive. This semi-automatic dual clutch gearbox relies on the correct function of the mechatronic to regulate clutch operation as well as gear changing. Faulty DSG mechatronic units can result in damage to the gears and reduced service life of the dual clutch pack.


Common symptoms/faults;


  • Shaking / juddering in 1st gear and when changing into higher gears.
  • Current gear flashes on dashboard.
  • Flashing engine management light or PRNDS on dashboard.
  • Clutch slip or banging on engagement.
  • Fault code 06293 Function Restriction Due To Pressure Drop
  • P17BF - Hydraulic pump system overload protection.
  • 06079 - Hydraulic Pump, Play Protection
  • 06300 - Function Restriction, Due To Insufficient Pressure Build Up


Please note you may experience some, but not all of the listed faults depending on the level of damage internally.


TCU Parts Numbers:

  • 0AM927769D / 0AM 927 769 D
  • 0AM927769K / 0AM 927 769 K
  • 0AM927769G / 0AM 927 769 G


Mechatronic OEM Number:

  • 0AM325025 / 0AM 325 025
  • 0AM325025D / 0AM 325 025 D
  • 0AM325025H / 0AM 325 025 H
  • 0AM325025J / 0AM 325 025 J
  • 0AM325065 / 0AM 325 065
  • 0AM325065N / 0AM 325 065 N


For more information on the DSG 0AM DQ200 mechatronic click here.

If you are experiencing issues selecting reverse then click here.

Fitting service available if required please contact us on: info@eco-torque.co.uk


Reference Number: ET


UK Express Shipping* & International Shipping Next Day Delivery for Europe and USA*, 2-5 days for the rest of the world*.


If you are not sure on the compatibility of this part then please send us your UK registration number or VIN Code and we will direct you to the right part!


For International orders - It is the responsibility of the buyer to pay any custom charges or excise duties.


TCU Hardware Number
  • If you are not happy with your item, you can return it within 14 days providing the following;

    • The item must be unopened and complete in its original packaging. If the item has been opened Eco Torque reserves the right to refund minus the cost of repackaging the item.
    • Electrical items cannot be return if fitted.
    • Mechatronic units pre-programmed for the customer cannot be returned unless faulty. These items will be tested by Eco Torque upon return.
    • The buyer is responsible for the cost and safe return of their purchased items. Damage in transit will result in a refusal to refund.
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